Kripalu September 2019 R&R Schedule has ended
Kripalu’s R&R Program is available year-round, and open for registration as far in advance as you wish. To book your retreat, please call 866-200-5203 or visit kripalu.org/stay/rr-retreats 
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Don Sebastián Paccaur Flores

Don Sebastián Paccaur Flores was born in the village of Q’eros in the Andean Mountains. Initiated by his father as a Pacho (shaman of the Andes), he holds the Incan lineage from father to son going back hundreds of years. He travels internationally, sharing his heart connection to Pacha mama (the Earth Mother). Several books have been written about him, including The Andean Codex, by J. E. Williams, who describes how Sebastián teaches Andean wisdom in the mountains of Peru. Sebastián has a deep connection to the Apus (the sacred mountains) and is a treasure of ancient knowledge that can empower modern people!